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Name:Kobato Hanato
Birthdate:Jan 16
Name: Kobato Hanato
Age: 16
Arrival to Melodies: 5th September 2014
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Height: ????
Weight: ????
Canon Point: Chapter 10

Melodies Information:
Jobs: Bard/White Mage
Illusionist (5 Months):
Imitate - Repeats the same attack an ally just used.
Disguise - Takes on the appearance and clothing of an enemy or ally.
Levitation - Allows to levitate over the ground.
Copies - Creates illusions of enemies or allies (up to ten).

Bard (2 Months):
Victory Fanfare - A song that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when played at the end of a battle.
Battle Scene - A song that boosts all allies' stats by 15% when played during a regular battle.
Spoony Bard - Makes the bard virtually invincible, but leaves them unable to do anything.

Legendary Melodies (Available)
Theme of the Crystals - Increases the effectiveness of all spells by 50% and halves spell casting time.
Swing de Chocobo - Doubles speed, attack power and resistance of Chocobos.
Mognet Central - Allows Moogles to switch Jobs without requiring a downtime.
Symphony of Love - Doubles resistance of allies when they take a blow for someone else.
Clash on the Big Bridge - Doubles attack power of characters equipped with swords.
Compression of Time - Allows allies to attack twice in a row.
You're Not Alone - Allows to use Limit Breaks with more health left than usual.
The Final Fantasy - Causes allies to recover physical and mental health over time.
Imperial Anthem - Increases stats of Gunners, Magitek Knights, Ninjas and Illusionists by 75%.
Fighting Fate - Triples all stats when facing Hamsters.
Choral of King Moggle Mog - Immunizes all allies to dark and light elements.

Custom Songs
Custom Song 1 - Ashita Kuru Hi - First custom song

Extra Jobs (Not Equipped):
White Mage (MAX):
Cure - Heals minor wounds.
Esuna - Cures status ailments.
Protect, Shell - Improves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
Cura - Heals mid wounds.
Prayer - Lessens exhaustion and restores energy to nearby characters.
Divine Caress - Grants resistance to status ailment (five minutes).
Curaga - Heals major wounds.
Holy - Very powerful elemental attack spell (light).
Life - Revives a character who died less than five minutes ago.

Summoner (MAX):
Summoning Lv1 - Allows to store up to three Eidolons.
Friendship - Increases the attack power of an Eidolon each times it is summoned.
Magic Field - Grants magical attributes to the user's weapon.
Summoning Lv2 - Allows to store up to five Eidolons.
Half MP - Reduces by half the necessary time to summon again.
Summoning Lv3 - Allows to store up to seven Eidolons.
Last Breath - Automatically summons an Eidolon upon dying.
High Summoner - Allows to summon two Eidolons back-to-back without any interruptions.

Onion Knight (Two Max Jobs)
Job Master - Expands the Job limit from five to ten.

House: B-05
[AU] Yuna
[OU] Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Owner of Healing Hearts
Plushie Chocobo
Glass Bottle
Moogle Plush (Not very well made)
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